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How Stryder Got Rid of His Health Problem From Marijuana's Use?

Some people are continuously opposing marijuana use because they are unaware of its medicinal benefits. They do this because they see only the negative side of marijuana and this is what forced me to write this post. I own a marijuana dispensary and now I am going to share the story of a five-year old boy Stryder who got rid of his health problem from marijuana's use.

I found him at a pain clinic and my heart broke to see a small kid could crippled from the joys of life. When I saw him, he was pale and exhausted. I talked to his mother Angela and gave her our night indica oil and provided directions to use it. Angela told me that they are sharing a room with a woman who had a hard time when Stryder had seizures during the night. 

I told her to use the indica oil and the next night and when I asked her the next morning, the woman had no complaints even she was amazed with the changes. Stryder's condition shown improvement as he was talking and interacting like any other boy of…